A Good Cycle Corporation is dedicated to providing an enhanced sanitary experience while using athletic equipment.



























Exercise is a very big part in the quest to have:

  • a healthy lifestyle,

  • promote wellness and

  • increase longevity


When using exercise equipment, it is very important for everyone to be conscience of bacteria that may be on the surfaces of some athletic equipment, for instance, the seats which hold moisture become a breeding ground for bacterial infestation.  


In keeping with a healthy workout routine;

A Good Cycle Corporation introduces a new innovative product, "SANI-FANNY", a DISPOSABLE SEAT COVER for spin cycle bikes and public outdoor biking.


This new product is:

  • a single use

  • biodegradable and

  • a bacterial barrier that is resilient and strong.  


Sani-Fanny keeps the users moisture away from the bike seat which prevents picking up potential bacteria that may already be present on the seat.